FIG : Where to Find COP & Other Updates

Below is an outline on where to check and find updates for FIG. There is an explanation and then links.


The latest Code of Points is located on the FIG website. Click on the tabs Rules/Women’s Artistic

The page has the latest Code of Points, various helpdesks and other useful documents. The documents are in different languages. click on EN for the English version.

At the bottom of this page is a link to newsletters. These newsletters are sometimes referred to as ‘articles’. They are numbered and contain important updates and often amendments to the Code of Points. They are essential reading to keep your Code of Points up to date.

The newsletter is known as Fig Flack and starts with statistics from recent competitions, keep reading down to get to the Code of Points amendments.

As of Jan 2019 the latest newsletter is no.43.

The WAG helpdesk has also been updated.

Links to these places are contained below. In addition the Code of Points can be obtained by going through the handbook page on the website.


Code of Points Page –

Newsletters Page –




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