Yorkshire Gymnastics Association Ltd

Women’s Artistic Technical Committee




The AGM of the WTC is to be held on Tuesday 8th November 2022 via Zoom. It will commence at 8.00pm.

Nominations are invited for the following posts on the committee:


·        Chair ·        Competition Organiser (Floor )
·        Vice Chair ·        Competition Administrator
·        Secretary ·        Communications Co-ordinator
·        Finance Manager ·        Social Media Co-ordinator
·        Judging Co- ordinator ·        Development Co-ordinator
·        Welfare Officer x 2 ·        Performance Co-ordinator
·        Competition Co-ordinator ·        Squad Co-ordinator
·        Deputy Squad Co-ordinator ·        Education Co-ordinator


Nominations must be accompanied by

  • the name of the Proposing Club
  • the name of the Seconding Club

(The proposing and seconding club must be different to each other, and both must be fully affiliated clubs to YGA Ltd and the WA Discipline. The nominees own club can propose or second.)

  • a short resume of relevant experience supplied by the nominated person, to enable an informed decision.


Emails will be sent to all nominees asking them to confirm that they accept the nomination, if the nomination is not accepted or no response received by the deadline the nomination will not be completed.

In the event that there is more than one candidate nominated for a post, a vote will take place at the AGM and all CLUBS attending the meeting will be entitled to one vote per position.

The Secretary must receive all nominations including the names of the Proposer and Seconder and resume no later than midnight on the 25th October 2022

Nominations and resumes will then be circulated prior to the meeting.

Nominations can be made via the website using this link


Nominations from the Floor

If no one is nominated for a post or a nomination is not fully completed with a proposer, seconder, and resume, prior to the meeting a nomination may be made from the floor with a proposer and a seconder. In this instance the nominee accepts the nomination at the meeting and provides a verbal resume. Nominations from the floor cannot be made for posts where nominations have been received by the deadline. As the nominee needs to accept the nomination it is only possible to nominate from the floor if the nominee is in attendance.


Notice of Motions

Requests for notice of motions for discussion at the AGM must be submitted via the online form/in writing/by email by midnight on 19th October 2022,

Notices of motions can be made via the website using this link



Notice of Motions are circulated with nominations prior to the meeting to allow them to be considered on the agenda of the SGM or AGM.


Summary 2022


8th October 2022 Notice of AGM circulated via email – Attached 2021 AGM minutes and 2022 AGM agenda.

19th October 2022 Notice of Motions deadline closes at midnight

25th October 2022 Nominations for Roles closes at midnight

28th October 2022 Nominations and Notices of Motions circulated to all affiliated clubs and members

8th November 2022 AGM


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