Transfer Process and Form

Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnastics has a transfer procedure for Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnasts transferring between clubs. A Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnast is defined as a gymnast that has entered any regional competition run by the Yorkshire WTC. This includes individual and team level competitions (level 7 through to FIG) as well as any grades.

If a gymnast is defined as a Yorkshire Women’s Artistic gymnast as per the clarification above, the transfer process must be followed.

There is transfer period of 6 months for Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnasts. The period starts from the date that the form below is submitted.

This form must ONLY be filled in by the gaining club and not parents or the transfer will be invalid.

During the 6 month transfer period gymnasts are allowed to enter Yorkshire WTC Individual Competitions (levels and grades) with Joint Club Credit. This means that the gymnast where possible has both the Gaining Club and the Losing Club listed alongside their name. Gymnasts are not able to enter Yorkshire WTC Team Competitions during this period.

The WTC has agreed that the transfer process can now be completed automatically using this online form which when completed fully and submitted will trigger the start of the transfer period.

Data Protection: The details of the gymnasts transfer submitted on this form will be held for a period of 1 year from the date of submission. This is the 6 months of the transfer period plus a further 6 months for reference of any queries. The data will be held by the WTC Chair and Secretary in electronic format. It will be shared with other WTC officers as required for competition eligibility and scheduling purposes during this period. The data will be deleted after 12 months from submission. If you have any questions regarding how this data is held please email [email protected] 

This form must ONLY be filled in by the gaining club and not parents or the transfer will be invalid.

Yorkshire WA Gymnastics Transfer Form


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