Bill McLoughlin Championships 2019 – Yorkshire Winners 2nd Year in a Row!

The Bill McLoughlin nominated teams in 2019 had a tough act to follow. In 2018 Yorkshire had stormed the competition and brought the trophy proudly back to the region. Yorkshire was able to field two full teams. The first team up was Nina Deery (Sheffield Workshop), Holly Blake (Elmfield), Ren Billingham (Leeds), Poppy Wilkinson (Leeds). They delivered solid performances, clean beams and represented the region proudly. Next up were Megan Bridge (Gymmagic), Shanna-Kae Grant (Leeds), Keira Thornton (Gymmagic) and Madison Ockerby (Leeds). Another set of excellent performances, another set of clean beam routines and another set of gymnasts representing the region proudly.

The results were in and for the second year in a row ……..

Yorkshire Team A – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! (and winning by over 2.0 marks).

The long list of top ten placings are below,

Megan Bridge (Gymmagic) 1st vault, 1st beam, 1st floor, Shanna-Kae Grant (Leeds) 4th bars, 2nd beam, 2nd floor, highest AA scorer, Keira Thornton (Gymmagic) 2nd vault and 10th floor Madison Ockerby (Leeds) 4th beam

Yorkshire B – 8th out of 11 teams.

Poppy Wilkinson (Leeds) 7th beam, Holly Blake (Elmfield) 8th beam, 10th floor, Ren Billingham (Leeds) 9th bars

As one coach commented it was a very long but very successful day!

Well done to all of the gymnasts for a superb representation of the region, well done to all of the coaches and thank you to our 2 lead coaches Sharon Gott and Steph Murray.



Yorkshire Gymnastics Association Ltd

Women’s Artistic Technical Committee




The AGM of the WTC is to be held on Tuesday 8th November 2022 via Zoom. It will commence at 8.00pm.

Nominations are invited for the following posts on the committee:


·        Chair ·        Competition Organiser (Floor )
·        Vice Chair ·        Competition Administrator
·        Secretary ·        Communications Co-ordinator
·        Finance Manager ·        Social Media Co-ordinator
·        Judging Co- ordinator ·        Development Co-ordinator
·        Welfare Officer x 2 ·        Performance Co-ordinator
·        Competition Co-ordinator ·        Squad Co-ordinator
·        Deputy Squad Co-ordinator ·        Education Co-ordinator


Nominations must be accompanied by

  • the name of the Proposing Club
  • the name of the Seconding Club

(The proposing and seconding club must be different to each other, and both must be fully affiliated clubs to YGA Ltd and the WA Discipline. The nominees own club can propose or second.)

  • a short resume of relevant experience supplied by the nominated person, to enable an informed decision.


Emails will be sent to all nominees asking them to confirm that they accept the nomination, if the nomination is not accepted or no response received by the deadline the nomination will not be completed.

In the event that there is more than one candidate nominated for a post, a vote will take place at the AGM and all CLUBS attending the meeting will be entitled to one vote per position.

The Secretary must receive all nominations including the names of the Proposer and Seconder and resume no later than midnight on the 25th October 2022

Nominations and resumes will then be circulated prior to the meeting.

Nominations can be made via the website using this link


Nominations from the Floor

If no one is nominated for a post or a nomination is not fully completed with a proposer, seconder, and resume, prior to the meeting a nomination may be made from the floor with a proposer and a seconder. In this instance the nominee accepts the nomination at the meeting and provides a verbal resume. Nominations from the floor cannot be made for posts where nominations have been received by the deadline. As the nominee needs to accept the nomination it is only possible to nominate from the floor if the nominee is in attendance.


Notice of Motions

Requests for notice of motions for discussion at the AGM must be submitted via the online form/in writing/by email by midnight on 19th October 2022,

Notices of motions can be made via the website using this link



Notice of Motions are circulated with nominations prior to the meeting to allow them to be considered on the agenda of the SGM or AGM.


Summary 2022


8th October 2022 Notice of AGM circulated via email – Attached 2021 AGM minutes and 2022 AGM agenda.

19th October 2022 Notice of Motions deadline closes at midnight

25th October 2022 Nominations for Roles closes at midnight

28th October 2022 Nominations and Notices of Motions circulated to all affiliated clubs and members

8th November 2022 AGM


Very important Email 16th May

The secretary will be sending over a very important email on entries for the 9th & 10th July competitions. This will need attention from any club entering gymnasts for the FIG, Gold, Silver, Bronze Teams and Challenge Trophy & Qualifier.

Please read it carefully and if you don’t receive it please contact the Secretary.

The email received list will be updated when it is sent out

Thank you


We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at Catterick this weekend.

Just a practical reminder to coaches to always have a back up copy of their gymnast’s music and to check the music on arrival , that way we can make sure that every gymnast is able to get performing on floor as swiftly as possible to keep those pesky nerves at bay.


We wish all the gymnasts the best of luck.




Dear Clubs,


Please find below some points which have arisen from the previous competitions, we would kindly ask that you would send out these reminders to coaches and parents.



Please remember that everyone at the competitions has volunteered their time to help the competition run smoothly and should be spoken to with respect including those manning the door.


In exceptional circumstances, we may not be able to accept card payments on the door and would therefore only be able to accept cash for spectator entry.


If you are buying a club leotard for your child to wear at the competition, please check the sizing is correct.


Remember that event tee shirt sales are online and should be purchased in advance and collected at the competition.




When leotards are purchased or borrowed for competitions, please check that the sizing is correct to ensure that they are not big and baggy around certain parts of the body.


Please ensure parents are aware of the new purchasing options for event tee shirts so no one is disappointed on the day.


A brief reminder of what is acceptable coaching attire at competitions, please refer to the handbook for a more in-depth guidance. (Page 25)

·          Full length tracksuit bottoms or full-length leggings (plain and none see through)

·          A collared polo shirt or t-shirt, a tracksuit top but not a hoodie and appropriate gym training shoes.


Please ensure all artistry gestures in floor routines are age appropriate and respectful.



Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and we look forward to seeing you all at future competitions.


The Yorkshire WTC

Email List 2023

Please find bellow a list of all 2023 emails to date, which have been sent to clubs by the WTC.

If you have not received any of these emails please don’t hesitate to contact the secretary.

11th Jan 2023 – BOC AGM open letter from member
11th Jan 2023 – Judging revalidation
13th Jan 2023 – Compulsory 5 / National 5 / Voluntary 5 and other updates
22nd Jan 2023 – FWD BOC AGM final details
25th Jan 2023 – Notice of upcoming meeting Jan 31st
25th Jan 2023 – judges contact information
30th Jan 2023 – Entry Deadlines
30th Jan 2023 – Entries for 2023 due to mistake
30th Jan 2023 – Login Details
1st February 2023 – National Finals training venue
1st February 2023 – National 5 and compulsory 5 east region rules.
1st February 2023 – New contacts update
1st February 2023 – Contacts version 2
10th February 2023 – Judging help course
17th February 2023 – Entry Validation
18th February 2023 – WAG Competition handbook
25th February 2023 – Judging courses
26th February 2023 – WTC meeting
28th February 2023 – Regional / National / Compulsory grades comp
2nd March 2023 – Compulsory 5 Vault
2nd March 2023 – Yorkshire Development clinics questionnaire
5th March 2023 – Jan minutes
8th March 2023 – Schedule and timings for 1st/2nd April 2023
10th March 2023 – Grades competition tee shirts
12th March 2023 – K score 13th March
13th March 2023 – General meeting 29th March
16th March 2023 – T-shirt orders
20th March 2023 – Volunteers
22nd March 2023 – Provisional Schedule for 15th 16th April
22nd March 2022 – K score Zoom Demo
29th March 2023 – WAG TC update 33
29th March 2023 – Grades 6/5/4 competition
30th March 2023 – Updated Compulsory level booklet
30th March 2023 – Yorkshire Wag Comp handbook
30th March 2023 – WTC Meeting minutes 28.02.2023
31st March 2023 – Yorkshire WTC National Final policy 2023
1st April 2023 – Venue change for Sunday 2nd April
1st April 2023 – Schedule for Sunday 2nd April
3rd April 2023 – FWD Floor and Vault Judging course
3rd April 2023 – Results from 02/04/2023
3rd April 2023 – URGENT Feedback request
4th April 2023 – T Shirts
6th April 2023 – T shirt deadline 10th April
6th April 2023 – IMPORTANT – rescheduled competition
8th April 2023 – Q&A Clarification corrections document – Compulsory booklet
9th April 2023 – Music for 15th / 16th April
9th April 2023 – URGENT – Gymnast check for rescheduled grades
12th April 2023 – Schedule for Aspire 23rd April
12th April 2023 – Help required!
13th April 2023 – FWD Help required on the door at this weekends competition
13th April 2023 – Live scoring link for Catterick 15th / 16th April
18th April 2023 – 15th / 16th April results
18th April 2023 – Rotations for 23rd April
20th April 2023 – Parking at Aspire Gymnastics Club

Launch of the Yorkshire WA Pewter Programme 2022

Yorkshire WA Gymnastics are please to include on the calendar this year their much anticipated Pewter programme.

Specifically and carefully designed using the huge WA experience, not just on the WTC committee but within the wider Yorkshire WA community, to give gymnasts logical, safe and appropriate steps forward on bringing together the 4 pieces of WA gymnastics.
Using this experience Yorkshire WA have built a criteria that works for the gymnasts and gives a rewarding level in itself, whilst also a natural progression towards the WA Classic Challenge.

Pewter participation allows younger gymnasts and those new to the 4 pieces of WA a chance to experience performing in a friendly participation event.

The Pewter competition is the perfect competition for gymnasts to make that first step into 4 piece gymnastics competitions or to consolidate the progress they have been doing.

As a natural complement to the BG WA Classic Challenge both Pewter criteria provide lots of choices of moves to allow gymnasts to work to their strengths, whilst balancing this with the appropriate and safe moves for this level and for each individual gymnast.

The full criteria can be found in our new 2022 handbook here and the dates are on our event calendar here and here.

Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Pewter ©2022

Yorkshire Tee – Shirts

The Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Committee are pleased to announce that in collaboration with GDB Manufacturing, we have an online shop for ordering tee-shirts for gymnasts competing at our Yorkshire competitions.

The tee-shirts are ordered using the link below:


Please follow the link and order the correct size and pay via PayPal to GDB for the tee-shirt. Your tee-shirt when manufactured will be individually bagged and labelled with the payee’s name and gymnast’s name. This tee- shirt can then be collected at the competition when proof is shown of payee and gymnast at the competition. Please note we will not be selling tee-shirts at the competition. 

The deadline for ordering T shirts for the May grades is 25th April 2022. 

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