Launch of the Yorkshire WA Pewter Programme 2022

Yorkshire WA Gymnastics are please to include on the calendar this year their much anticipated Pewter programme.

Specifically and carefully designed using the huge WA experience, not just on the WTC committee but within the wider Yorkshire WA community, to give gymnasts logical, safe and appropriate steps forward on bringing together the 4 pieces of WA gymnastics.
Using this experience Yorkshire WA have built a criteria that works for the gymnasts and gives a rewarding level in itself, whilst also a natural progression towards the WA Classic Challenge.

Pewter participation allows younger gymnasts and those new to the 4 pieces of WA a chance to experience performing in a friendly participation event.

The Pewter competition is the perfect competition for gymnasts to make that first step into 4 piece gymnastics competitions or to consolidate the progress they have been doing.

As a natural complement to the BG WA Classic Challenge both Pewter criteria provide lots of choices of moves to allow gymnasts to work to their strengths, whilst balancing this with the appropriate and safe moves for this level and for each individual gymnast.

The full criteria can be found in our new 2022 handbook here and the dates are on our event calendar here and here.

Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Pewter ©2022

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