Important emails

  1. As not all emails are reaching clubs due to hotmail and gmail issues we are posting here when key broadcast emails have been sent to all clubs. Please always check your spam email and place the Secretary on your VIP list to minimise issues.
Please find bellow a list of all emails to date sent to clubs by the WTC if you have not received any of these emails please contact the secretary.
2nd January – regarding national judging courses.
23rd Jan – WAG updates revised version
28th Jan – Minutes from 2021
28th Jan – Minutes 2022
15th Feb – BG planner
17th Feb – compulsory grades venue
21st Feb – email to relevant clubs regarding regional grade 4s
6th March – Competition program for club grade 6/5 and 4
7th March – Email from chair regarding compulsory grades
11th March – Tee shirt orders for grades
17th March – 2nd / 3rd April grades schedule
18th March – Grade tee – shirt troubleshooting
26th March – Yorkshire Handbook 2022
26th March – Grade 6 / 5 / 4 volunteers
26th March – Programme revised grade  6/5/4
4th April – BG updates
4th April – WTC meeting wed 13th April
4th April – latest FIG update including Artistry help 
5th April – positive covid case
6th April – Grades May
7th April – Minutes 2022
8th April – T Shirt email
8th April – Grades – May preview running order
21st April – Tee-Shirt deadline
21st April – Yorkshire Kit
21st April – FIG Gymnasts
21st April – Yorkshire update
25th April – Reminders to coaches and partners
27th April – NTC update
5th May – grades may
9th May – compulsory 2 training opportunity
12th May – April Minutes
12th May – Zinc and copper teams list
16th May – Important comp entry information
16th May – Tee shirt teams
17th May – Tee shirt Green
23rd May – revised schedule URGENT teams
26th May – Tee shirt deadline looming
30th May – Catterick 11-12 June schedule
5th June – Competition pack away
5th June – YGA ltd professional standards officer
14th June – Team tee shirt – online shop
14th June – selection criteria for Yorkshire WA
19th June – Pewter, Bronze, Silver, FIG teams provisional schedule.
22nd June – extended tee shirt sales
24th June – Pewter / Bronze / Silver and FIG teams final schedule and timings
27th June – FIG Nominations for Yorkshire
4th July – Skill recognition (backwards roll to handstand on beam)
27th July – BG Update and important request for information
17th August – Updates from the chair
20th August – Administration Update
26th August – New guidance weight management
26th August – Yorkshire Affiliation
7th Sept – Yorkshire kit
16th Sept – Concord 8th / 9th
21st Sept – Request for feedback
21st Sept – T shirts – October event
26th Sept – Schedule and Rounds 8th/9th
26th Sept – T shirt reminder
30th Sept – WTC meeting October
1st Oct – Important competition reminders
2nd Oct – Volunteers October 8th/9th
3rd Oct – National finals team training
7th Oct – Notice of YGA WA AGM
13th Oct – Zinc and Pewter membership
14th Oct – Tee shirts Zinc and Pewter
17th Oct – Meeting details
24th Oct – Zinc and Pewter running order
28th Oct – NTC Technical update
28th Oct – WTC Introductory course to judging
29th Oct – Latest WTC updates
30th Oct – WTC – AGM
31st Oct – Zinc and Pewter schedule and timings
4th Nov – Tee Shirt reminder
4th Nov – Zinc / Pewter enquiry
4th Nov – Zinc / Pewter set up
4th Nov – Intro to judging / regional
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