Bill McLoughlin Championships 2019 – Yorkshire Winners 2nd Year in a Row!

The Bill McLoughlin nominated teams in 2019 had a tough act to follow. In 2018 Yorkshire had stormed the competition and brought the trophy proudly back to the region. Yorkshire was able to field two full teams. The first team up was Nina Deery (Sheffield Workshop), Holly Blake (Elmfield), Ren Billingham (Leeds), Poppy Wilkinson (Leeds). They delivered solid performances, clean beams and represented the region proudly. Next up were Megan Bridge (Gymmagic), Shanna-Kae Grant (Leeds), Keira Thornton (Gymmagic) and Madison Ockerby (Leeds). Another set of excellent performances, another set of clean beam routines and another set of gymnasts representing the region proudly.

The results were in and for the second year in a row ……..

Yorkshire Team A – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! (and winning by over 2.0 marks).

The long list of top ten placings are below,

Megan Bridge (Gymmagic) 1st vault, 1st beam, 1st floor, Shanna-Kae Grant (Leeds) 4th bars, 2nd beam, 2nd floor, highest AA scorer, Keira Thornton (Gymmagic) 2nd vault and 10th floor Madison Ockerby (Leeds) 4th beam

Yorkshire B – 8th out of 11 teams.

Poppy Wilkinson (Leeds) 7th beam, Holly Blake (Elmfield) 8th beam, 10th floor, Ren Billingham (Leeds) 9th bars

As one coach commented it was a very long but very successful day!

Well done to all of the gymnasts for a superb representation of the region, well done to all of the coaches and thank you to our 2 lead coaches Sharon Gott and Steph Murray.


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