Grades 2019 – Completed for another year – Well Done All!

The eerie empty competition hall at Catterick awaits the arrival of the gymnasts for 2 long weekends of ups, downs and flying around. Looping the loop and defying the ground.

2 full weekends saw over 650 Yorkshire gymnasts compete.

The 8th and 9th March were Club Grades 6 and 5, 30th and 31st March saw Regional 4,3,2,1, National 4,3,2,1 and Compulsory 5,4,3.

An amazing 4 days that had Catterick Garrison buzzing with the regions gymnasts. There were grins, there were tears and then more grins. Surprises, achievements and a huge celebration of our incredibly tough and amazing sport.

Well Done Gymnasts Each and Everyone!

The WTC is made up of volunteers who give substantial amounts of time and effort to try and make Yorkshire WA Gymnastics a rewarding experience throughout the region. The buzz, the enthusiasm and achievements of the 100’s of gymnasts that compete at the competitions is what lifts those volunteers spirits and reminds them what it is all for.

Thank you to the many people who support the competitions and make them possible, those that set up the equipment and equally those that put it away after a long and tiring weekend. Sometimes this put away can fall on the same few people exhausted at the end of the competition. Sunday 31st showed what happens when everyone does their bit. Significant numbers of people helped, the arena was set down in just over an hour and everybody got to leave at a reasonable time. A massive THANK YOU to all those that stopped and hopefully this will set a trend in 2019 for lots of help and lots of swift packaways.

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